Reading Sunglasses are Growing in Popularity

There are many different styles of Reading Sunglasses such as Cannons, five-o sun readers, Kona's II Polarized, Wires, and fishing sun readers. You should have no problem finding a style that is perfect for you in the wide selection of frames available from Hawaiian Lenses based in Hawaii. Kona's II Polarized is a very popular style that is composed of TR90 Polycarbonate. This sunglass material is known to protect the eyes of the wearer from 100 percent of the sun's harmful UV rays. They are also excellent at glare reduction which is very important on snow covered slopes as well as on the water.

Many physicians offer advice about sunglasses and keeping your eyes safe and healthy. The color for sunglass lenses is a harmless personal choice, but they can change the color of things you are looking at. The most important quality to look for is the amount of UV radiation you are protected from. You want to be sure to get the maximum amount of protection which is 100 percent.

Remember that even clear lenses may be treated to give you maximum protection. You should also get lenses that are ground instead of being punched since this will minimize distortion. Doctors also recommend polarized sun lenses for people who spend a lot of time on the water or do a lot of driving. It blocks out the light reflecting from the water or the highway, thus reducing the glare.

When people age, they often develop the need for bifocals or reading glasses to see the small print. Some of the first bifocals were made by cutting two different strength lenses in half and then reassembling the lenses with the part for close reading on the bottom and the half for distance viewing on the top. Methods for making bifocals improved over the years, but the idea is the same. Another problem soon reared its ugly head. That was combining reading glasses with sunglasses. Too many times folks found themselves constantly switching between their readers and their sunglasses. Bifocal sunglasses were soon developed which put an end to the constant switching back and forth. These reading sunglasses have been rapidly growing in popularity!